• dsc_0282

    Murgh Malai Kebab

    Boneless chicken kebab marinated with white pepper, cardamom, cream, and mixed spices. Flavoured with cashews and cheese. Grilled in a clay oven & served with a cream dip.
    AED 69.00
  • dsc02811

    Paneer Ruhani Tikka

    Charcoal oven grilled Paneer roll filled with garlic tossed shredded young Spinach marinated with Yogurt, roasted besan flour seasoned with Indian spices.
    AED 59.00
  • dsc_0678

    Salmon Tikka

    Salmon marinated with mustard, lemon, curd and chilli. Glazed with purified butter.
    AED 95.00
  • dsc_0562

    Mahi Gazni

    Boneless cubes of hamour marinated with our special blend of traditional spices and grilled in a clay oven.
    AED 75.00
  • dsc_0437

    Punjabi Chicken Tikka

    Boneless tandoori Chicken marinated with lemon, Kashmiri chilli, fenugreek, and our special spice blend.  Clay oven roasted and served with mint chutney.
    AED 69.00
  • dsc_0523

    Murgh Mussalam

    A whole rice-stuffed chicken cooked in a brown onion and yogurt based gravy flavoured with exotic Indian spices.
    AED 90.00